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Why choose us?

With over 30 years experience in the market we are the leading dehydrator in Castilla y Leon, N. Spain. This is the result of constant adaptation to market needs and customer requirements as well as expertise in the granulation of alfalfa, hay and straw.

Our staff team is comprised of high professionals along with the best technologies whose combination provide the guarantees of a natural, healthy and competitive product.

Both our granulation process and pressing give the already premium quality product added value in Transportation and storage.

Thanks to our strategic location in the county of “Las Merindades” in the north of the province of Burgos it makes us particularly competitive logistically throughout the north, especially in the Cantabrian coast and in its seaports.
Our fleet of trucks with different download (both tilting and sliding floor ) provide a the appropriate service to suit any customer’s need. Our more than 15.000m2 of warehouses provide all the storage we need to provide quality products to our customers throughout the year.

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